scholarship for international students

According to the Regulations Governing Scholarship Program at Taiwan Shoufu University, students can apply for TSU Scholarship. International students can also apply for the Taiwan Fellowship offered by the government. Please refer to the MOFA website (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. (Taiwan)).

TSU Scholartship

  • Freshman Matriculation Scholarship
    This scholarship is a sum total of NT$20,000 for every incoming freshmen. Half of the scholarship will be given the first academic year of study, and the other half will be given the second academic year of study.
  • Outstanding Classroom Performance Scholarship
    Every semester students whose grades are in the top three of their class will receive the following scholarship in order of rank: NT$4,000, NT$2,000, NT$1,000.
  • University Honor Scholarship
    Students who represent the school and receive a prize in a contest outside the school, thereby bringing honor to the school can receive a scholarship of up to NT$100,000.
  • Service Grants (Student Work Opportunity)
    TSU provides students with work opportunities. In accordance with the service hours, students can receive a scholarship of up to NT$11,000 per month.

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