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Extension of Departments
Office of the board chairman 121
President office 214
Secretary general office 125
Office of academic affair 317
Office of student affair 512
Office of general affair 411
Office of research and development 297
Accounting office 611
Extension school 632
Library 642
Personnel office 623
Admission center 321
General education center 842
Computer center 652
Environmental, health and safety center 351
Continuing education center 639
Military training office 514
Athletic Office 551
Public relation office 366
Instructional evaluation center 259
Office of international and cross strait affair 103
The internship hotel Tel: 07-3413333
Fax: 07-3412040
Taipei office 02-25218455
College of humanity and education 711
College of design 311
College of leisure industry 813
Grauate institute of education 832
Department of early childhood education 822
Department of applied foreign language 722
Department of business administration 732
Department of leisure and recreation management 792
Department of leisure and information management 742
Department of health and beauty business administration 812
Department of product development and design 752
Department of hospitality and food management 772
Department of Tourism industry  Managment 782
Department of Leisure Management 762
Department of computer science and multimedia design 862
Department of digital entertainment and game design 852
Undergraguate program in hotel management 872