Resource Classroom


This university was founded in 2000. In 2001 the university started to recruit disabled students. Whether it's adjusting to life or getting help with their homework, these aspects are very important to disabled students. In order to assist each department with providing these services to their disabled students, in 2003 the counseling section, section leader applied for "classroom resource," providing each chair with ample equipment and facilities and creating an even better educational environment.

Functions and Purpose

  1. Provide disabled students assistance with homework and adjusting to college life.
  2. Provide disabled students help with individual study, gatherings, friendship, and an appropriate location for leisure activities.
  3. Provide disabled students with any tools or equipment needed for study.
  4. Provide counselors means to carry out tutoring in accordance with individual needs.
  5. Provide counselors a location for holding meetings with students and parents.
  6. Provide a voluntary assistant a place for training and meeting.
  7. Integrate disabled student's related materials.
  8. Assist with coordination between administrative departments and academic departments to help disabled students adapt to college life and their class schedule.
  9. Guide disabled students to acquire interpersonal skills as well as independence and integrity.
  10. Help disabled students prepare for adapting to society.