chinese language center

Taiwan Shoufu University Board of Directors intends to bring out one of the finest Chinese Language Center and make Chinese Language as second universal language.

The Chinese Language Center will provide Chinese Language and Chinese Culture learning courses with diverse language learning programs to help prospective students who are either learning the language for the first time or being trained to become a Chinese Language teacher. In addition to the language program planned for the foreigner and foreign spouse resided in southern Taiwan, currently there is short-term language program for international students. In the near future, Chinese teacher education program and Department of applied Chinese with undergraduate and graduate program will start and appeal students who interested in becoming a Chinese Language teacher.

Chinese Language Center will develop in following guidance and directions:

  1. Engaging academic activities with other Chinese Language Centers to improve the quality of Chinese Language teaching program.
  2. Introduce Chinese culture to prospective students and scholars and enhance cross culture experience.
  3. Provide universities and organizations with joint Chinese Language teacher training program.
  4. Prepare suitable program for international students and focus not only on their “listening, speaking, reading and writing” abilities but also design special course according to the specific need.
  5. Set up Chinese Language Teaching Training Program with practical options between beginner and advanced path courses.

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