Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs

The mission of the OICSA is to provide support services to international affairs at Taiwan ShouFu University. Services include in three major aspects:

  1. Foreign Student Affairs:
    • Promoting student recruitment overseas
    • Recruiting foreign students
    • Providing foreign student counseling services
  2. International Communication and Cooperation
    • Signing MOU with partner institutes
    • Receiving foreign visitors
    • Implementing short-term overseas visiting programs during vacations
    • Joining international exchange organization
    • Integrating international exchange activities
  3. Miscellanea
    • Administering faculty participation in international conferences
    • Reporting MOU signing cases with universities in Mainland China
    • Maintaining the web pages of this center
    • Revising regulations about international exchange
    • Holding reviewing conferences
    • Promoting others internationalization businesses
    • Proclaiming opportunities for international conferences and international exchange activities

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