the internship hotel

The Garden Villa is Taiwan Shoufu University’s $500 million NT internship hotel. It includes 211 trendy guest rooms, 17 professional meeting rooms, an exhibition hall with a capacity of 1,000 people, and 3 top western and Chinese restaurants that serve delicate gourmets. It’s the number 1 facility for providing internships to practicing students and for meetings of scholars in Taiwan or from abroad.

The Garden Villa is located near Lotus pond, and within 1 kilometer there are two MRT stations, two train stations, two department stores and the largest night market in the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area. Among the cities’ five star hotels and club houses, the Garden Villa is the only with such convenient transportation amongst an ecological environment. The following are features of the Garden Villa.

  1. The biggest internship hotel in Asia.
  2. The only hotel in Taiwan providing internship opportunities for students in each department, such as reception, dining service, housekeeping, sales, finance, information management, and department supply.
  3. The most complete conference hall.
  4. The executive chef, Chinese chefs and western style chefs are all state banquet chefs.

The Garden Villa uses a creative teaching system – managers are teachers, teachers are managers. Managers would lead and teach students – learning while doing, doing while learning. Hence, the Garden Villa is the best place for TSU students to strengthen their skills. The following are the steps of the internship’s complete training.

  1. Freshman – Visit: From 2005, teachers have led more than 3,000 students to visit the hotel.
  2. Sophomore – Courses or Work-study Plan: The courses "Hotel Management" and "Hospitality Topics" of the Department of Hospitality, and "Hotel Plan and Development" of the Department of Tourism Management all are based on the Garden Villa for teaching topics.
  3. Junior – Summer Intern: Since 2006, 200 students have completed summer internship training.
  4. Senior– Management Associate (MA) Program: Excellent students who are selected and taught by the general manager and other managers can apply for the MA program. Every manager (including the general manager) needs to counsel students whom they are charged with. TSU and the Garden Villa are the pioneers of this plan.