teaching characteristic

Though developing tourism industry is an important policy of our government, there is a serious shortage of the manpower in this field. What advantages does Taiwan Shoufu University possess in this field? The curriculum design in TSU includes internship so that students have opportunities to do their internships in Garden Villa other than working in other private companies. Garden Villa is a teaching-oriented hotel and is owned by TSU. Students with outstanding performance can be promoted as full-time employees after they graduate. Thus, one fourth of current Garden Villa

Strategy : One-stop learning university in the field of leisure industry, two ways of learning – through school and work place

Taiwan Shoufu University has established the biggest teaching-oriented hotel in Asia–Garden Villa and in so doing, it becomes a one-stop learning university in the leisure industry. TSU has its own teaching materials. Students acquire the theories in school, and then they put the learned theories into practice. The hotel’s practical training provides an excellent opportunity for the students to strive for excellence.

Executing: Sandwich teaching method –learning、doing and watching.

Students from TSU are all “learning through doing” and “doing through learning”. Garden Villa is the best place to run the Sandwich Teaching Method, and to implement a professional education to our students. Running the internship program in Garden Villa is a touchstone for all the students in TSU, not only for those who are in the departments of Hospitality Management and Tourism Management, but also for those in other departments as well.

Competitiveness – Our students will be indispensible managerial manpower in a variety of enterprises

Students from the departments of Hospitality Management and Tourism Management in TSU are not only trained in the departments of food service, room service and customer service, but also cultivated in the departments of sales, marketing, planning, public relation, finance, purchasing, MICE and so on. Regardless of the different departments students are studying in, such as the Departments of Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Leisure Management, etc., our students will be well prepared for work after they graduate from TSU.