teaching goals

The 21st century is an era of knowledge economy. Every country in the world tries to develop its own “soft power” at a time of high unemployment rate and economic crisis. It is to be considered as an important index of advantage in career seeking to have both professional knowledge and practical skills.

Mission - to cultivate outstanding students and to ensure their bright future

The impact of low birth rate and high unemployment rate causes unprecedented revolution in the academy and in the work place. Taiwan Shoufu University opens up a whole new page in higher education. Taiwan Shoufu University is a teaching-intensive school focusing on leisure industry. TSU has its own internship hotel which provides students with an excellent place for learning and doing internships. This can help them get a job right after they graduate. We ensure that our students will be equipped with plenty of skills and become valuable assets of the society

Vision - to master the changes in this era and create a brand new university

Taiwan Shoufu University continually invests billions to build a unique university for the needs of our students. The campus has an area of one hundred and thirty thousands square meters. Upon entering Taiwan Shoufu University, you will see a campus which is full of green. Compared with other newly founded universities, TSU prevails them with its abundant collection of books (over 500,000 volumes), qualified professional professors (over one hundred full-timers) and 75% of them hold doctor degrees.

Following the trend of globalization and due to the fact that there is an explosion of interest in learning Chinese worldwide, Taiwan Shoufu University makes all the efforts to promote a student exchange program and set up a Chinese center, which has a collection of more than 200,000 volumes of Chinese books (simplified version). In addition, TSU held the first cross-strait education exhibition in 2010 and signed a cooperation agreement with Peking University so that we can send our students there to study, experience the culture and life there and most importantly, to broaden their horizon.

Creativity - Cross-department program which provides a well-rounded education.

In order to increase domestic needs, our government launches six policies in order to boost up the industries of tourism, medical care and bio-technology, etc. All of these generate a third industry; that is, the service industry. Taiwan Shoufu University initiates a cross-department program which integrates courses from some major fields, including the fields of applied digital technology, marketing, health care, international tourism, leisure and recreation management, "green" management, hospitality management and coffee culture. This program provides a well-rounded education for our students.