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    The Public Relations Office was developed in 2008 and serves as the primary contact for Taiwan Shoufu and national media with its response to important events and dissemination of news release about Taiwan Shoufu's  programs and activities. After several years of hard work with two former directors (Ming-Tsun Chen and Yang-Chih Wang) and the current director (Chia-Hsiung Yeh), the office has successfully cooperated with every department and administrative division in Taiwan Shoufu University to hold a wide variety of activities relating to education, research and social service. Moreover, the Public Relations Office has taken every effort to build strong relationships with media and release news in a timely fashion.
    In other words, this office is responsible for the promotion of Taiwan Shoufu's  image overall as well as the level at which the society identifies with Taiwan Shoufu through each activity, news release, media connection, domestic and international guest accommodation, as well as formal introductions.
    • External Mission- The Public Relations Office acts as a channel of communication for understanding Taiwan Shoufu University in regards to media and the society. Furthermore, this office also stands to promote the school’s distinguished development of “leisure industries” in order to establish an excellent image with the public.
    • Internal Mission- this office provides an interactive channel between every division in Taiwan Shoufu's and the public media.
    The Public Relations Office is responsible for Taiwan Shoufu's  news release and building strong relationships with the public media. It is not only a communication bridge between Taiwan Shoufu and the public but also the main source for which the public can better understand Taiwan Shoufu.
    Because of the importance of news release, this office has to be very aware of all of Taiwan Shoufu's activities and maintain daily contact with the public. Indeed, this office provides the public the truest and most timely news about Taiwan Shoufu University.
    In addition, the Public Relations Office is also responsible for Taiwan Shoufu's  publications such as Taiwan Shoufu's  Chinese/English advertising brochure and“Taiwan Shoufu University’s Newsletter.”
    The following points are future visions of the Public Relations Office:
    • Act as a communicator between Taiwan Shoufu and the Public Media and do the best to advertiseTaiwan Shoufu's academic activities, research performance and student organization’s activities.
    • Enhancing the communication and coordination with the public media in order to build a good mutual relationship.
    • Act as a promoter in establishing a positive image with the public and enhance Taiwan Shoufu's  reputation.
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