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     The Young Children came from Thailand, they tasted the culture of Taiwan.

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    (1)      Introductory level: Students will grasp simple grammar, the most basic sentence structure, han-yu pin-yin phonetic system, an understanding of the stroke order of Chinese characters, and acquire 500 vocabulary words.
    (2)      Basic level: Students will be able to understand and speak basic daily-life Chinese. They will also be able to understand and apply common daily-life linguistics and grammar, and use proper pronunciation by reading simple conversations and children’s songs. Students will acquire approximately 800 vocabulary words.
    (3)      Intermediate level: Students will understand and speak about aspects from their personal, family and school life using common language, and understand the language’s basic application. Students will be able to use suitable application of the daily language in Chinese, use proper grammar, and proper pronunciation when reading short articles and poems. Students will also be able write characters, radicals and vocabulary words. Students will acquire approximately 1500 vocabulary words.
    (4)      Advanced level: Students will be encouraged to design their own curriculum reinforce their familiarity with language and achieve a level of mastery. In addition they will be able to join professional meetings and discussions. They will be able to read standard articles using different styles of writing. They will be able to write formal letters and articles and have command of about 1500 vocabulary words.
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